Life at CFGI

We like to think that CFGI takes the best aspects of working for a Big Four firm and joins them together with the most positive attributes of a professional career in industry. CFGI employees benefit from the kind of career opportunities found in public accounting as well as access to the most sophisticated tools available. At the same time, our team members also enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that comes with helping companies move forward to meet major milestones. CFGI experts have the opportunity to constantly experience new challenges instead of feeling stuck in repetitive roles. We believe in rewarding our people based on merit.

Owing to our strong investment in the professional growth of our team members, we have a strong track record of employee retention. For those who do choose to move on, CFGI also boasts a robust alumni network, including individuals who have returned to the firm after achieving significant accomplishments within industry. We believe in opening doors and helping you thrive.


Interested in learning more about what you can expect during your tenure at CFGI? From competitive compensation to an innovative bonus structure and company-sponsored celebrations, read on to explore our comprehensive benefits package.

Our people

“I look at my team like they’re my family,” says Partner Jillian Morrow. “That means someone’s always in your corner rooting for you. When you’re connected to a bigger goal, the performance always follows.”