Accounting Advisory for Banking

Greater efficiency, less risk, better business outcomes

The need to ensure profitability — while addressing increased operational complexity and regulatory burdens — is an acute challenge for today’s banks.

CFGI is able to support and augment in-house talent with multifaceted capabilities. Our cross-functional banking specialists have the operational experience, technical acumen, regulatory knowledge and industry expertise to make an immediate and profoundly positive impact on the performance of your financial institution. 

Who we help

If you’re a financial institution, we help you — from community banks with $100 million in assets to multinational financial services companies with more than $250 billion in assets. 

How we help

CFGI does it all. We staff interim finance and accounting experts in a range of roles, prepare deliverables that reduce friction during audits and exams, and minimize the number of comments. We also aid in profitability analyses, implement IT solutions that drive lasting finance transformation and much more.

The challenges that our Financial Services Banking team tackles can broadly fit into four core categories:


Our finance and accounting experts deliver actionable insights about your financial institution’s business performance and implement solutions that yield better results.

  • Mortgage operations integration.
  • Interest risk and capital strategies.
  • Debt-yield analyses.
  • Wealth management channel level optimization.
  • LOB profitability analyses.
  • Budgeting and projections.


We have the technical accounting skills and business acumen to help you adopt the latest accounting standards. We can also provide oversight and assistance as your financial institution grows and changes.

  • Purchase accounting implementation.
  • Stock-based compensation accounting.
  • Allowance for loan loss, troubled debt restructurings and ASC 310-30 (formerly “SOP 03-3”).
  • Accounting for debt and equity financings.
  • GL conversation data mapping.
  • Preparation and implementation of asset and liability management.
  • CECL implementation.
  • ALL process redesign.
  • Sell-side/buy-side financial due-diligence.
  • Process improvement.
  • IPO preparation.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.


We provide highly skilled interim experts that can help oversee workflow optimization, examination preparation, finance transformation and countless more organizational initiatives.

  • Interim CFO.
  • Interim Controller.
  • Interim Technical Accounting Officer.
  • Interim SEC Reporting Manager.
  • Interim FP&A Manager.


We speak auditors’ language and have extensive experience preparing documentation for audits and examinations.  

  • Internal audit.
  • SEC Comment Letter responses.
  • Call Report preparation.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley internal controls assessments.
  • Exam/audit preparation and responses.
  • Allowance for loan loss and TDRs.
  • Regulation W cost allocations.
  • Regulatory Reporting including Call Report, FR Y-9C and FR Y-9LP.


Because we have the banking subject-matter experts, cross-functional industry expertise, resource flexibility, responsiveness and cost-effectiveness necessary to drive better business outcomes for your financial institution.